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983 Mission De Oro

FREE Bankruptcy consultation in Redding...
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Preparing for your first meeting with us...

If you have reached the point where you are considering contacting us, you are probably undergoing an emotional and stressful time in your life. The court, on the other hand, will use a rational, business like approach. Our advice and involvement will help you through this trying time.

Our job as your attorney is to use our knowledge of the facts to counsel you on the relevant issues of your case and to help you approach your situation with reason rather than emotion. Many people are surprised by what they learn during an initial consultation because they don't anticipate all the factors that may affect the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome. We are trained to apply the law to your particular situation and to work with you to get the best results possible.

We have provided a list below to give you some insight about what kinds of documentation we will be asking for. During the discussion, you may have to address several upsetting issues and we may ask you some disturbing or pointed questions. You do not have to worry about "shocking" us, and do not feel embarrassed, we are open to your side of the story. Remember, the information you provide us is protected by the attorney/client privilege. It is imperative that you be forthcoming and honest. We need to know all of the facts to be as effective as possible.

Do your best to gather all of the following information. If you do not have some of the information available for the initial office visit you may want to contact your employer, human resources officer, income tax preparer, bank or credit union, service providers or other sources to request this information.

Please do not cancel your appointment for your initial office visit simply because you do not have these records. We may be able to assist you in retrieving these records:
    Bankruptcy law requires that you provide proof that you are who you say you are. Please bring with you to the initial office visit an official photo ID (i.e., a driver's license) and your Social Security card.

    Bankruptcy law requires that you provide proof of your average monthly gross income from all sources for the last 6 months beginning with the first month before your scheduled office visit. Please bring with you to the initial office visit all available pay stubs or other records of income for the past seven months to include records or receipts from employment income, tips, bonuses, commissions, child support, spousal support, support from someone paying or sharing your living expenses, rental income, unemployment compensation, social security, retirement, pension, interest, dividends, or income form any other source. If you are filing with a spouse then you will need to provide this information for both you and your spouse. If you have your own business, you must provide a monthly Profit & Loss Statement for your business, if possible. Please bring with you to the initial office visit as much documentation as you have available for the last six months.

    Please provide monthly statements from your bank, credit union, or other financial institution for the last four months.

    Bankruptcy law requires that you provide proof of your annual gross income for the last 2 years and proof that you filed tax returns for these years. Please bring with you to the initial office visit copies of your filed income tax returns for the last 2 years (form 1040). If you have not filed any of these tax returns please begin that process as soon as possible, as we will not be able to file a bankruptcy until those tax returns are filed.

    Bankruptcy law requires a listing of your monthly household expenses including those for mortgage or rent, utility services (electricity, gas, fuel oil, propane, water and sewage), telephone service, cable or satellite television service, home maintenance, food, clothing, laundry and dry cleaning, medical and dental, transportation, recreation, clubs, entertainment, charitable contributions, insurance (homeowner or renter, life, health, auto), taxes on property, alimony, maintenance, child support, etc.

    Bankruptcy law requires a listing of all of your debts including those for credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, auto loans, furniture loans, jewelry loans, lawsuits, etc. Please bring with you to the initial office visit as much documentation as you have available for all such debts.

    Bankruptcy law requires documentation of all contracts and security agreements including those for mortgages and leases, refinancing, transfers of ownership, time shares, stocks, car loans and leases, furniture rental and leases, jewelry loans, etc. Please bring with you to the initial office visit as much documentation as you have available.
  8. The other important thing to keep in mind is to ask questions. Make a list so you don't forget to ask the things that really matter to you. The adage, "There are no dumb questions," is true. We do not expect you to understand all of the issues or legal terms and will do our best to avoid complicated legal language. But if you don't know the meaning of a legal term or any legal procedure, please ask us for clarification. We feel it is important for you to understand the bankruptcy process and your options.

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983 Mission De Oro

FREE Bankruptcy consultation in Redding...
call (530)244-0300

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